What is an MCL Injury?

MCL-InjuryPeople who participate in sports where they are at risk of colliding with another player are more susceptible to an MCL injury. And if your knee gets hit hard on the side, your medial collateral ligament may be injured.

The MCL is a band of tissue that runs along the inner edge of your knee. And it connects your shin and thigh bones. Which will keep your knee stable and to work correctly.

Now, if the MCL is damaged, your knee can overextend itself too far. However, it’s not supposed to stretch that far and can tear or strain easily. It’s common for this injury to heal on its own. But if the MCL injury is severe, surgery might be necessary.

Symptoms of an MCL Injury

Pain and swelling along the inside edge of the knee are common symptoms for this injury. As a matter of fact, it’s an extremely painful injury!

Common symptoms of injury are as follows:

  • Knee Pain
  • Swelling
  • Popping sensation
  • Sideways bend
  • Difficulty walking
  • Feeling of instability

Sometimes, people even feel as if their joint is loose, or it moves around too much. Also, the knee may feel stiff, or the joint could lock when moves around.

Medial Collateral ligament Injury Causes 

When a hard hit to the outer part of the knee occurs, this could stretch too far and strain or tear. In fact, people who play football, hocket, and additional sports where are hard collision may occur, an MCL injury is, therefore, common.

A medial collateral ligament injury may also occur if your knee is suddenly jerked to the side. Or, if it twists or bends too far.

Treatment for an MCL Injury

When an MCL strain occurs, ice rest and self-care is all that is necessary. In fact, it can heal on its own. Keeping weight off of it is important. And also, elevating your leg is crucial.

Anti-inflammatory medicines are also a good idea to reduce swelling and pain. These would include aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen. It’s always directed to follow the instructions on the label.

However, for severe cases, physical therapy is necessary to help rehab your knee to good health. Additionally, your physical therapist can also give you exercises to help with strengthening your knee back.

Surgery is on a case by case basis. And, unfortunately, you may be benched for up to a few months. Talk to your physician or surgeon regarding what is best for your specific injury.

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