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    There are many causes associated with shoulder pain. Pain can arise from the shoulder joint to many of the surrounding ligaments, muscles or tendons. A typical injury which pain worsens with movement or activities is usually from the joint.

    There are many conditions and diseases that could affect structures in your abdomen or chest which also can cause shoulder pain, such as gallbladder disease or heart disease. This is considered referred pain, due to the pain arising from another structure to your shoulder. Typically this type of pain doesn’t worsen with movement, such as joint pain.

    The shoulder has a large range of motion with its ball and socket joint. A joint with a wide range of motion typically is more prone to injury. If issues with your shoulder has ruled over your life for too long, give us a call at 888-409-8006.

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    Our team of top shoulder trained doctors offer the latest nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for the full spectrum of all shoulder conditions: clavicle fracture, scapula fracture, shoulder dislocations, proximal humerus fracture, rotator cuff injury, rotator cuff tear, shoulder bursitis, shoulder osteoarthritis, and more — all under one roof.

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    Total Ortho Center offers a wide range of orthopedic shoulder treatments. Our shoulder specialists are currently seeing patients throughout Broward and Palm Beach county in our offices in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Plantation and Hollywood.

    Shoulder Pain Causes

    Shoulder pain is a very common issue. When you experience shoulder pain there are many potential causes in this area due to the complex anatomy of the shoulder. Below you will find some possible shoulder pain causes:

    • Collarbone fracture: A clavicle (collarbone) fracture is the most common shoulder break. These fractures are typically from a result of a fall, sports injury, or trauma accident. Children are particularly at high risk of this fracture due to your collarbone not completely hardening until the age of 20.
    • Scapula fracture: This fracture is rare, although possible. The scapula (shoulder blade) is a very sturdy bone and is located in a rather protected area, therefore it rarely breaks. A scapula fracture is usually the result of a high fall or car accident.
    • Proximal humerus fracture: This particular fracture is commonly seen more in elderly people. The proximal humerus fracture is known to be one of the most common broken bones in patients over the age of 65. It typically occurs when the ball of the ball-and-sock shoulder joint is broken.
    • Rotator cuff injury/tear: A rotator cuff injury or tear often occurs in people who repeatedly perform an overhead motion at their jobs or in sports. At times progression degeneration or wear and tear of the tendon tissue are also the cause. Without treatment, rotator cuff injuries can result in loss of moment or weakness.
    • Shoulder Bursitis: Shoulder bursitis is the most common complaint of shoulder pain. When a bursa becomes inflamed it is usually due to injury, infection (not common in the shoulder), or a rheumatic condition.
    • Dislocated shoulder: This injury occurs when the upper arm bone pops out of the socket that’s apart of your shoulder blade. Due to the shoulder being the body most mobile joint, it makes it likely for dislocations. It is common for a dislocated shoulder to cause tingling or weakness and numbness near the injury.
    • Shoulder osteoarthritis: As you age, you are at risk of developing osteoarthritis of the shoulder (shoulder osteoarthritis.) Although, even at a young age, an injury of the shoulder can also lead to osteoarthritis. Shoulder pain is the most common symptom of shoulder osteoarthritis.

    Common Shoulder Treatment

    Your shoulder surgeon will usually first suggest a conservative treatment plan including rest , ice, heat and/or physical therapy. If your shoulder pain, injury or condition is not improving, your surgeon might recommend different shoulder treatment options.

    Non-operative Shoulder Treatments

    • Corticosteroid Injection: A cortisone injection may help to relieve pain and inflammation in a specific area of your body. This injection typically includes a corticosteroid medication and a local anesthetic.
    • Trigger Point Injection: The trigger point injection (also known as TPI) is used to treat pain in certain areas in the body that contain knots of muscle that form when muscles don’t relax.

    Surgical Shoulder Procedures

    • Total Shoulder Replacement: This is the most common shoulder replacement procedure. When performed, your physician will place a metal ball for the ball at the top of your humerus and attaches it to your remaining bone. Once the attachment is complete, the socket then gets covered with a new plastic surface.
    • Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair: The rotator cuff repair surgery is done to repair a torn tendon in the shoulder. Two very small cuts are made to insert the tiny tools and a camera. An arthroscope (tiny camera) is then inserted so the surgeon may get a better look at your tear. Next, your physician will insert tiny tools and determine the best possible way to repair the shoulder.
    • Labrum SLAP Repair: This procedure is conducted with arthroscopy. Which the doctor will insert a tiny camera and tiny tools into a small cut. Once the surgeon has inspected the area he/she will then use small tools to trim the torn part of your labrum and then repair or reattach it.
    • AC Joint Repair: This injury is a separation of the shoulder blade from the collarbone. The surgery is conducted to restore the normal alignment at the end of the collarbone with the outer edge of the shoulder blade. The doctor will surgically hold the AC joint in place with metal plates or pins to repair the joint.

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